UltraSeps Stopped Working After Installing New OS X Macintosh

I’ve just installed a new version of OS X on my Macintosh and UltraSeps stopped working?

This potential issue has since been resolved and should no longer occur. The issue has been permanently fixed as of 2016.  If affected however, see below.

UltraSeps may see an operating system upgrade as a new computer and after the upgrade, when attempting to use UltraSeps the following warning might be generated: “This application is configured for use on one computer only”. This won’t happen with incremental system updates and can only occur with a full system upgrade such as going from Lion to Mavericks as an example with an install of UltraSeps prior to 2016.

On Macintosh, open the top level of the hard drive “Macintosh HD” and delete the folder named “UltraSeps”.  Next, download a new installer (the trial can be used) and run it with Photoshop closed.

Open Photoshop and run the Unlock UltraSeps Action.  The Try-Buy-Unlock-Quit alert box will appear.  Click Unlock (it could also say Authorize) and send us the 10 digit Request Number.  We’ll then get back to you a.s.a.p. with a new unlock code.  Now perform the same function but this time, enter our unlock code into the authorization screen.  UltraSeps is once again unlocked.