Reauthorize UltraSeps On Your System How To

I’ve just migrated to a new hard drive and UltraSeps stopped working?

UltraSeps might need to be reauthorized if changing your operating system, migrating to a new hard disk, adding RAM or a new Video Card, etc. The reason is that our copy protection may see this as a new computer itself, and not a normal system update. This can also occur if the end user accidentally deletes or overwrites vital files required by UltraSeps.  Most of these possible have been resolved however as of 2016.

The copy protection built into UltraSeps “might” not permit an unlocked installation to be moved to a new hard disk. If UltraSeps is migrated along with all your other software to a new drive, you’ll receive an error named C23 when trying to run it and UltraSeps will not function.

UltraSeps will need to be authorized again on your system.  The easiest fix is to open your C: Drive and look for a folder named “UltraSeps” and delete that folder.  On Macintosh, open the top level of the hard drive “Macintosh HD” and delete the folder named “UltraSeps”.

Next, download a new installer (the trial can be used) and run it with Photoshop closed.

Open Photoshop and run the Unlock UltraSeps Action.
The Try-Buy-Unlock-Quit alert box will appear.
Click Unlock (it could also say Authorize) and send us the 10 digit Request Number.
We’ll then get back to you a.s.a.p. with a new unlock code.

Once the new unlock code is received, perform the same process above but this time, enter our unlock code into the authorization screen.  UltraSeps is once again unlocked.