Free UltraSeps Remote Tech Support

UltraSeps Remote Technical Support

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See below for description and complete instructions on how to prepare for and schedule UltraSeps remote tech support.

We are only available for remote support between the hours of 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM New York City time, Monday – Friday. Its a good idea to drop us an email regarding what day and approximate time you’re ready so we can prepare for the support session. One free remote support instance is provided if needed within 1 year following purchase.

Please note that remote tech support either within the initial year or through a Paid Support instance following the one year expiration does not include walking a user through doing a color separation. It is also not a “How To Use Photoshop or UltraSeps Lesson”. It only covers getting UltraSeps back to a functional state on your system if needed. Although most all issues can usually be resolved through the information provided on our Support Page or through a simple email.

Instructions to receive remote support:

Download and install this software named TeamViewer:

Download TeamViewer Windows Version Here

Download TeamViewer Macintosh Version Here

Prior to contacting us to correct your issue, launch TeamViewer.

Take note of your User ID Number and Password.

The User ID is usually a 9 digit number, the Password is normally 4 – 6 characters.

Keep Team Viewer running. Do not quit the program!!!!

Make sure the UltraSeps v2 Folder, the one containing all the files downloaded from
our website is on your desktop so I can easily access it.

If the UltraSeps v2 Folder containing the installers, actions, test images, etc. has been lost or deleted,
download a copy here and unzip:

Email your User ID Number and Password from TeamViewer and let us know if using Windows or Macintosh.

We’ll then login to your system to resolve the issue.

If your system requires an administrator password to delete or install system files, its a good idea to include that as well. If not, you might need to be present during the support session. Since the TeamViewer login password changes with each launch, providing us your admin password does not pose a security risk.

Do not attempt to use your computer while we’re accessing it with the exception of typing
in your administrator password IF an alert box such as this appears during the process.

Thank You.