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Diamond Plate Photoshop Effect Video Ultraseps

Seamless Diamondplate Software For Adobe Photoshop – FREE

Diamond Plate Fill is an easy to use action that can fill any black text or shape with a perfectly seamless fill diamond plate pattern. Multiple sizes and colors of our diamond plate patterns are included with the action set.

This is a great action especially for those creating artwork for t-shirts and posters. The end effect is easily modified by using the hue-saturation functions of Photoshop in addition to adding enhancements such as shadows, strokes, etc to the diamond plate filled object(s).

When running the action, there must be some open area outside the object. For example, lets say you just want to create a large square and fill it with diamond plate. Its not possible to simply fill a Layer with black and run the action. There needs to be some transparent or white space beyond the edge of the object within the layer.


Gradient Banding Adobe Illustrator Video

Gradient Banding Problems With Vector Programs

When artwork is created in a vector application such as Illustrator or CorelDraw, gradients can “sometimes” be a problem when separating the image in Photoshop. The reason is how these vector programs render gradients by using a mathematical equation, when compared to a gradient created in Photoshop which is a true raster gradient from the start.

The video discusses the issue along with a quick fix on modifying gradients that contain banding to eliminate problems with mesh interference and moire.

Merging Spot Color Channels Photoshop

Merging – Combine Spot Color Channels With Adobe Photoshop

This video illustrates how to merge spot color channels in your t-shirt color separation to reduce the number of colors required to print the job. Its slightly more in-depth when compared to the example on the training video.

Sorry, the image in this video is no longer available for download.

Print Photo On Tshirt White Ink On Black Video

Preparing A Photograph To Print Using White Ink Only On Black T-Shirts

So…you’l like to print a photo on a t-shirt with only a single color?¬† This video covers using Adobe Photoshop to convert a photographic image to a 1 color image printable using white ink on a black or dark t-shirt. Although we usually recommend a grayscale separation using multiple grays, white and black to simulate a photo, sometime printers need to use white only. The video discusses adjusting an inverted grayscale image and how to make accurate adjustments within the channels panel of Photoshop.

Duotone Color Separations Photoshop UltraSeps

Duotone Color Separation Software By UltraSeps

This video covers using our new Duotone Separation Software to instantly generate perfect duotone separations within Adobe Photoshop. The video also includes installation instructions along with help on changing the colors of the duotone channels, adjustments, optional underbases and more.
Duotone By UltraSeps is included FREE with UltraSeps v3!

Vintage Distress Textures Photoshop Video

How To Apply A Vintage Texture Or Graphic To A Completed Color Separation

Although most t-shirt screen printers will apply or knock out a vintage texture or pattern prior to separating the artwork, the method in the video below is a more accurate way of doing so. It also includes a valuable tip on how to apply the texture to the white underbase differently so the design prints correctly on press.

Adjust White Underbase Fading Off To Nothing

How To Adjust An Underbase With A Glow Or Haze That Extends Beyond The Artwork

When color separating art that fades off into the t-shirt or one that contains an edge glow effect, Photoshop doesn’t handle this well and likes to intensify the effect, resulting in white ink extending beyond the image.

The video below discusses an effective method to rid yourself of these problems. If using color separation software such as UltraSeps or doing separations manually, this is a fact of life when dealing with this type of artwork.

Photoshop Color Range Bug Video

Photoshop Color Range Bug – Creative Cloud Versions Only

Adobe Photoshop versions beginning with Creative Cloud have a bug that impacts the Invert check box within Color Range. This bug makes it impossible for an Action, JavaScript or Plugin to revert the check box to default, which is off.

This results in solid, void and inverted channels if running another color separation following the use of any of the Custom Color Channel functions of UltraSeps. The fix is to either uncheck the box manually or restart Photoshop. The video demonstrates the bug and simple fixes.

Reset Preferences Photoshop Windows Manually Video

How To Manually Reset The Preferences File Of Adobe Photoshop On Windows

If Photoshop is generating blank color channels, inverted channels and solid filled channels when running separations or other errors that can’t be explained and a restart doesn’t help, many times its the result of a damaged preferences file.

Although resetting the Preferences can be easily done by holding down Ctrl-Alt-Shift when launching Photoshop, sometimes this doesn’t work.¬† This video illustrates how to manually remove this file from Photoshop. When Photoshop is relaunched, it will then generate a new clean preferences file.

Halftone Film Positives Without RIP Video

How To Print Halftone Film Positives Without A RIP With UltraSeps v2

This video covers how to print your film positives directly from any version of Adobe Photoshop without RIP software.

Much of the confusion on printing halftone films from Photoshop without a RIP usually stems from a few simple settings being ignored or not known. This video goes into detail and after viewing it, you have all the knowledge required to print films effectively without error or any other difficulty.