Manually Install UltraSeps Plugin Photoshop All Versions

How To Manually Install The UltraSeps Plugin And File

If installing a new or other version of Photoshop to your system after UltraSeps has been installed and unlocked previously, the UltraSeps Plugin and file will also need to be copied to the new copy of Photoshop in addition to the UltraSeps v2 Actions loaded into the Actions Panel of the new Photoshop. Just installing the Actions and loading the Color Settings does not make UltraSeps functional with the new copy of Photoshop.

The below process can also done by running a newly downloaded installer.  Although if your copy of Photoshop is installed to a location other than Program Files on Windows or the Applications Folder on Macintosh, these files will need to be placed manually as per below instructions.


Close Photoshop.

Locate the Adobe Photoshop folder currently in use and open it.

Now go to the UltraSeps v2 Folder downloaded from our site, the one containing all the files.

Open the Backup Files Folder.

Copy the file to the Photoshop Folder. This is not required on Macintosh.

Now open the Plug-ins Folder inside the Photoshop folder.

On Photoshop versions prior to CC 2017, if a folder named Automate does not already exist inside the Plug-ins folder, create one.

Copy the correct UltraSeps Plugin to the Automate Folder for your copy of Photoshop and system.

On Photoshop versions CC 2017 and later, just copy the correct UltraSeps plugin directly to the Plug-ins folder of Photoshop.  (Using an Automate Folder inside of Plug-ins isn’t required)

Restart Photoshop if running.

Load the UltraSeps v2 Actions into the Actions Panel of Photoshop.

Run the Action to load the UltraSeps Color Settings.

All will now function.