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Training Video UltraSeps Software

UltraSeps 4 Hour Training Video

The training video is from the previous version of UltraSeps but is still quite helpful.
95% of the contents are relevant to our new Version 2.

Download UltraSeps Training Video Here

289 MB – Requires QuickTime Player on Windows and Mac.

Disregard all of the install and unlocking instructions at the beginning as the install and unlocking methods have been changed.

Also disregard all reference to using the Color Bar Target on images that lack color and on grayscale images. The Color Bar Target is no longer required to be included within a file by the end user.

The Actions to auto reduce the Simulated #1 separation to 4 and 5 colors have been removed from the product as they’re no longer needed. This function has been replaced by the Basic 5 Color Sim Process Action.

The new Simulated #3 feature is not covered although its operational function is identical to Simulated #1 and Simulated #2 covered in the video.

UltraSeps v2 is also more forgiving to end user mistakes such as not preparing the image correctly prior to running a separation. Far fewer errors have the possibility of being generated with Version 2.

At this time we are not planning to produce a completely new training video as we have made available several new videos on the support page that cover installation, etc.

If further assistance is needed, see the UltraSeps v2 User Guide included with the download.